Mr Gareth Gibbs

Gareth is a Senior Director, Optometrist and Head of Operations at Spectacular Opticians.

He graduated with an honours degree in Optometry and a Bachelor of Science degree from Aston University in Birmingham in 1998. Following his graduation, he gained further professional experience with a prestigious attachment to some of the most respected optometric practices in the Birmingham and Coventry area. In addition, he also secured a research attachment at the eye department at Warwick Hospital, producing an extended dissertation on the interpretation and assessment of glaucoma using the latest advances in scanning laser technology. Copies of the research manuscript are now lodged with some of the most respected medical journals in the world. His keen interest and extended knowledge in the field of glaucoma continues to this day.

Gareth joined the family firm of Spectacular Opticians in 1999, bringing with him a broad knowledge of all areas of optometry, including specialist skills in the fitting of all forms of contact lenses and the study of colour overlays and their application to the management of both migraine and dyslexia. He maintains a particular interest in the field of pathology in the human eye, including diabetes and cataract formation.


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